In a delightful turn of seasonal cheer, one of our residents, Marjorie, has once again shown her unique spirit and love for holiday festivities. This Easter, Marjorie swapped her traditional Easter bonnet for something a little more whimsical – a pair of charming bunny ears, thoughtfully gifted by her daughter.

Marjorie’s love for celebrating each season with appropriate accessories is well known and loved by both residents and staff alike. Her festive spirit and enthusiasm for holidays bring a touch of joy and colour to our care home. This year, deciding to “change it up a bit,” her daughter’s choice of bunny ears has been a delightful surprise, sparking smiles and laughter throughout the home.

Not one to keep the joy to herself, Marjorie warmly invited all staff members to visit her and share in the fun by showing off her new ears. She expressed her wish for everyone to see them, spreading Easter cheer and the warmth of the season around.

Marjorie’s enthusiasm and the heartfelt contributions from her family beautifully illustrate the community spirit that makes our care home a truly special place. It’s these moments of shared happiness and celebration that enrich our lives and remind us of the joy in every season. Happy Easter to Marjorie and to all our residents and staff!