Today, the sun beams over Whitby, promising a perfect day for our favourite furry siblings, Cookie and Teddy, the delightful cockapoos! These two aren’t just adorable; they’re a bundle of love on four legs, especially known for their heart-warming visits to an elderly relative at Whitby Court.

Cookie, with her curly golden locks, and Teddy, her equally fluffy brother, are the stars of the care home. Their visits are eagerly anticipated by not just their beloved family member but by all the residents and staff. The joy they bring simply cannot be overstated; with every wag of their tails, they spread a little more happiness around the room. It’s not just the residents who look forward to their visits but also the care staff who often get caught up in the excitement.

Later this morning, after their rounds of cuddles and playful antics, Cookie and Teddy are in for a treat themselves. They’re headed for a run on the beautiful Whitby beach. Imagine the sight: two joyful cockapoos, their coats bouncing with every enthusiastic step, racing along the sandy shores, chasing the waves back into the sea, and occasionally stopping to dig a hole or sniff at seaweed treasures washed ashore.

These beach runs are not just fun for them but crucial for their wellbeing, keeping them fit and happy. It’s their little reward for being such wonderful visitors and spreading so much joy at the care home. And honestly, who could deny them the pleasure of a good splash and scamper under the sun?